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After working with translations in a large global company, we discovered a problem; the same text was translated time after time, costing us both time and money. As our customer, you should not need to pay for the same sentence twice, and that is why we use a translation memory. We combine the latest technology to ensure the best possible result for our customers while providing tools and Term Bases for our translators which ensures efficiency. This way, you get the best solution and an efficient workflow tailored for you and your project.

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We want people and companies to focus on their expertise, while we focus on their languageNothing communicates better than a good text, since a perfect picture, a good product or a flawless design means nothing if the text is full of mistakes or a message that is lost in translation. We find it important to stand out, be innovative and think outside the box compared to your typical translation agency. 
As simple as it sounds, let us make spelling easy while you focus on what you do! 

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Let our professional linguists take care of your translations, while you focus on the things you do best. We localize every language you can imagine, and our translators are native speakers of the language they work with. If we do not currently have a linguist with the right credentials, we take the time to find the perfect candidate. 


High quality is our biggest priority. It is our opinion that you as a customer have a right to the very best, and that it is important that the content is reviewed and delivered without free of mistakes. We work hard to live up to your expectations, and our qualification requirements are reflected in the quality you receive.


Today, many companies translate the same text repeatedly. Let us change thisTranslation, localization, or proofreading is not something that needs to cost you a fortune. With the best performance levels and an optimized workflow, we can offer you fast turnarounds and precise results at competitive rates. 


You can rest easy knowing that we do everything to adapt to our customer’s needs. We are flexible and will move mountains to meet your deadlines. Delivery times obviously depend on how much text you need to translate, but nothing is impossible.


All our linguists have signed a confidentiality agreement. We know a lot of the text we work with are confidential and ensure that it continues to stay that way. Your content is always safe as our systems use an encrypted file transfer and blocks unauthorized downloads during the translation process.


It is of course our wish that your deadlines should have a reasonable deadline, but we know this is not always possible. Urgent tasks and projects are a part of our livelihood. That is why we offer urgency services where you are granted urgent priority in our project queue.