Our Technology

Makes it simple

EIRA is a portal where our clients can upload their translation projects, see the status of ongoing projects, and have full access to their individual translation memories, as well as company specific glossaries. 

With our software for translation memories, you never need to translate the same sentence twice. This function helps reduce the time spent on translating significantly, especially when it comes to revisions or content with a lot of repetition. Our portal helps clients cut translation costs, increase translation quality, and reduce the time it takes before the text is published. Translate your own material, use our team of professional translators, or connect to our machine translation system. 


We offer a Term Service where our clients can search for or look up frequently used terms and expressions. This includes terminology and names, such as trademarks, services, industry specific terminology, proper nouns that should not be translated, and other terms or expressions that frequently appears in your subject matter. 

A shared database makes sure all translators and employees can easily find and use your preferred terminology, and that all translations are consistent and of the highest quality. Our Term Service provides you with a smooth and efficient workflow, offering an easy-to-use database that everyone can benefit from. You can relax knowing that your terminology is maintained across the globe by both your employees and your translations. 

Do you already have a TMS?

Our systems cooperate with the most popular TMS software, including Memsource, SDL Trados and MemoQ.