We are a modern and innovative translation agency that do everything we can to make translation a simpler process! Translation, localization, and proofreading does not need to be a complicated and time-consuming job that ends up costing you a fortune.


Here at OH SPELL! we understand that each project is unique. We listen to our clients and make suggestions based on their specific style. By analyzing and identifying your company’s terminology, brand or industry specific forbidden terms and terminology, we determine how these will be used in the translation process. This ensures consistency and high quality throughout your translation, as well as all your future projects. 

Your professional translation agency

Why choose us? You have likely seen the outdated websites of other translation agencies that overload you with so much information that you do not even know where to start reading. We make it simple. Let us take care of the complicated translation systems. With our network of experienced and carefully selected translators and proofreaders, we offer fast, high quality results at competitive rates. We let you be the expert in your field, while we are the experts in ours. 
We are a translation agency that has a strong position amongst the large international agencies. We hire the most experienced translators, so that you may rest easy knowing that you will receive a translation of the highest quality. Regardless of language pair, we use professional linguists who only translate into their own native language.

Quality is important!

With this many different translation agencies on the market, the quality you receive can vary a lot, and to us quality is paramount! We do not use different translators for every project like many other agencies  which means you always know what to expect. Our translators are thoroughly tested before we hire them, have several years of experience and a relevant education. We work hard to live up to our customer’s expectations, and our qualification requirements reflect the quality you receive. 

Our translators only translate into their own native language.